Cindy aims to provide motivation, instruction and eduction by establishing deeply rooted connections with the people she works with. Understanding what makes each person individually unique is how she able to help others reach their goals.  She specializes in working with beginners or those that are reintroducing exercise back into their routine. Cindy previously worked in the corporate fitness industry for 10 years and from her own personal experience as a full-time fitness professional and full-time mom, she know first-hand the challenges of balancing career and personal well-being.

Are you the over-worked and under-valued parent struggling to find the time to put fitness back into daily routine? Or maybe its been since your glory years of college since your last sweat session. Cindy can help you address the issues that could be plaguing you such as: time management, accountability, consistency or lack of self-care. She focuses on building foundational strength, increase functional mobility/stability, and improve overall performance so that you can start to enjoy your life again. 

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