Choose a personalized exercise program based on your current fitness level. The program will be delivered right to your phone through Trainerize fitness app. You can complete the workouts in the comfort of your own gym, home, or even both. Workout routines are based on insights from a 30-minute initial consultation to establish your baseline and define your WHY.

  • Video demonstration of each exercise

  • Detailed description of each workout routine

  • Workout check ins and reminders for accountability

  • Coaching and messaging weekly through the app

  • Progress tracking and benchmarks for certain exercises 

  • Connect other apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit to your account

  • Access to private Facebook group 

  • Access exclusive deals on upcoming programs and offers 





Learn the functional movements of your body and developing a strong foundation of strength is integral in your growth. Learn. Practice. Grow.



You have the foundation and experience and it’s time to take yourself to the next level with comprehensive exercise routines. Push. Drive. Elevate



Achieve your specific goals with periodized training plan designed to get you the results needed to perform at your peak level.